Powers and Stats Edit

Tier: At least 9-C, possibly 9-A to 8-C

Name: Echnida, Mother of Monsters

Origin: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol I

Gender: All Female

Age: Varies

Classification: Echnida, Monster Girl, sub-type of lamia

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Empathetic Manipulation (Can create pleasure, drowning the target in it if she wishes), Clairvoyance (Can see just by looking at someone if they will become a great hero), Magic (Has the greatest magic potential among monsters, using it to create potions, create disguises, etc), Transformation (Can transform into a human form via magic), can birth many types of monster, including those never birthed before,

Attack Potency: At least Street level (Easily restrain strong heroes capable of defeating Monster Girls, and should be superior to the normal lamias. Sometimes aid humans to become heroes by fighting by their side.), possibly Room to Building level (Sandworms and Shoggoths, who could be at this level, probably aren't comparable to Echnidas.)

Speed: At least Superhuman (Should be comparable to other high ranked monsters such as Vampires and Dhampirs)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Street Class (Capable of fighting other Monster Girls, and casually restricting those who can). Possibly Room Class to Building Class (Should possess more power than Sandworms)

Durability: At least Street Class (Capable of fighting and defeating other Monster Girls, and casually fight against the resistance of those who can.)

Stamina: Very high (Should be comparable to lamias, being a sub-type, and appear even more elaborate than them.)

Range: Extended melee range via tail

Standard Equipment: Traps, treasures, etc, to lure in heroes. Potions and magical items.

Intelligence: Lively very high, setting elaborate traps and luring in those they know will be strong heroes.

Weaknesses: None notable