This article is designated to the shipping of Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid from Touhou Project: an extremely popular series by ZUN. We will go through offical sources to see if MariAli can be considered a canon shipping, or just a random fanon pairing... Let's get to it

Touhou 5: Mystic Square Edit

Alice made her debut in the fifth Touhou game: Mystic Square. Whether PC-98 games can be considered canon is questionable, but I view it as canon to the series, so it is good enough. Luckily for us, Marisa also appears in this game mets Alice on two occasions... Here are both scripts:

speaker dialouge
Marisa Looks like these Makai folk

aren't all that strong...

?? (Alice) You've gone far enough!
Alice Margatroid ENTERS
Alice You're overdoing it a bit!

Can't you be a little less violent?

Marisa Wow, you've got some nerve! (angry)
Alice Don't try to talk big when you're

not even that good at magic!!

Marisa Do you want to try me?
Alice I won't let you get away with this!!
*insert battle* Alice Margatroid DEFEATED
Alice *sob* *sob* (tears)
Marisa Apply yourself a little more.


Alice You finally got here.
Marisa !?
Alice Margatroid ENTERS
Alice It's been a while.
Marisa Has it been that long?
Alice I won't lose this time!!
Marisa Well, you're pretty confident.
Alice I've obtained a book that has

the ultimate magics written in it.

Marisa Ooh, I would love to have that.
Alice This is magic that a human like you

would never be able to master.

Marisa Really?

Well, I wouldn't mind just taking a peek...

Alice I'll let you have a taste of it, whether

you like it or not!

*insert battle* Alice Margatroid DEFEATED
Marisa It looks like you couldn't use

that magic either. (sweat)


Why can't I beat you? (tears)

Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry BlossomEdit

After Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's transition to a "new canon", or at least a different platform, it was probably doubted we'd ever see Miss Margatroid again. However, in the seventh Touhou game, she makes a comeback, albeit with a brand new attire. Once again, Marisa is in this game to, and they (like in Mystic Square) meet in the third stage... let's see how that went:

Speaker Dialouge

It seems...

...comfortable here.

Alice Margatroid ENTERS
Alice Do you find this brutal evening likable?
Marisa It isn't bad.
Alice Then surely you are a magician of the untamed fields.
Marisa As opposed to a magician from a greenhouse?
Alice As opposed to a magician from a city sect.
Marisa Oh? I get it—this is a welcome to the wilderness.
Alice Springtime in this rural place is cold and disagreeable.
Marisa I think not; some power is at work to cause such snowstorms in spring.
Alice It is not my doing, you know.

Is that so?

Even so, it seems that you hold some tiny spring of your own.

Alice Well, perhaps I shall partake of your small spring as well?
*insert battle* Alice Margatroid DEFEATED

Have winters always been this busy?

Humans usually stay indoors.

Alice You mustn't consider me a normal human.
Marisa Are you a weird human, then?
Alice I'm normal, just not human!!

Touhou 8: Imperishable NightEdit

Marisa and Alice team up in the Eighth Touhou game, as the "Magic Team". One ending to the game is excellent proof for the shipping... but let's see how well they work as a team for now: