Swords Edit

  • Sword / King of Blades (the basics sword Kirby uses when in Sword form. Can shoot beams.)
  • Fire Sword (melts ice, lights torches and fuses, burns grass and ropes, doused by water)
  • Ice Sword (freezes foes which can be used as weapons, freezes water and fire, ice effects cannot be used underwater.)
  • Thunder Sword (a green, electrical sword, which can be swung at lightning-fast speeds. It has much better range, but looses its electrical properties underwater, for obvious reasons. It can apparently also shoot electrical beams.)
  • Ultra Sword (A large sword used as one of Kirby's Super Abilities. Can cause massive destruction!)
  • Ultra Sword Lv2 (whilst not officially a different sword, Kirby can increase the size of the Ultra Sword if it isn't strong enough. He used this on Magolor!)
  • Master Sword / Galaxia (Used in one of Kirby's most powerful Copy Abilities "Master". It is much more powerful than a regular sword, but has a similar moveset.)
  • Rainbow Sword (Composed of all seven Rainbow Drops and used to defeat Dark Matter. It can only be swung, but can deflect projectiles, causing a lot of damages to those who get hit.)
  • Burn-Cutter (The mix of Burn and Cutter results in Kirby wielding a large, heavy sword. It takes a while to swing, and is heavy enough that Kirby cannot hover...)
  • Spark-Cutter (The mix of Spark and Cutter results in Kirby wielding a double-yellow-bladed sword which he can swing about.)

Bombs Edit

Copy Ability Edit

  • Bomb (Used by Bomb Kirby for one of his most explosive copy abillities. He can throw them, drop them or roll it away.)
  • Giant Bomb (A much larger bomb which causes a deadly explosion, only used once and so eliminates Kirby's Bomb Copy Ability.)
  • Ice Bomb (A blue bomb with ice properties which can destroy small lava plumes, freeze water and turn lava to rock!)
  • Thunder Bomb (A green bomb with electrical properties. Very effective one metal!)

Item / Non-Copy Ability Edit

  • Balloon Bomb (a bomb which gets larger and larger, deadlier and deadlier. By the 5th stage, it's very dangerous, but throwing it is very effective, clearing out midboss and super-tough blocks!)
  • Timed Dynamite (Similar to above, except it does not increase in size. Used to blow up super-tough blocks. As the name suggests, it is a time-bomb.)

Items Edit

  • Mint Leaf (Let's Kirby use the Air Gun technique without falling, essentially a rapid-fire inducing item.)
  • Superspicy Curry (Causes Kirby to spit out fireballs due to how hot it is!)
  • Invincibility Candy (Turns Kirby invincible for a while, letting him plow through enemies.)

Helmets / Headgear Edit

  • Bomb Nozzle (a portable cannon which shoots out cannonballs at an arc, can destroy certain blocks.)
  • Prism Shield (a french horn which shoots a rainbow-forcefeild. Protects Kirby from aerial attacks, kind of like an umbrella for hazards!)
  • 3-D Helmet cannon (a hard hat with a cannon on it, to shoot another plane of land.)
  • ...

Stomper Boot Edit

  • Whilst not carried, this is a similar item to those above.
  • It can be used to traverse spikes, lava, etc. unharmed
  • Can smash into or stomp enemies!
  • Cannot swim or float above pits.
  • Can jump, and jump off enemies too!
  • Can break super-tough blocks!
  • Similar to the Kuribo Shoe from Mario.

Carried Items Edit

  • Invisibility Stone (turns Kirby transparent. He can now walk through glass walls!)
  • Candle (lights up darker areas a bit more.)

Food Edit

  • Comes in many different types.
  • Used to heal Kirby and bring his health up a bit
  • Energy Drink (Heals 1/3 of Kirby's maximum health)
  • Maxim Tomato (Heals all of Kirby's health, Kirby's favourite food!)

Copy Essence Deluxe Edit

  • Trophy-like objects which allows Kirby to use his Copy Abilities.
  • Once he collects one, Kirby can use the Copy Ability whenever he needs.
  • Used in "Milky Way Wishes", when Kirby's copy powers didn't work.

Ability Scrolls Edit

  • Used to enhance the Copy Abilities to make them better.
  • Can be combined to make things like the Fire Sword, etc.

Miracle Fruit Edit

  • Inhaling this fruit transforms Kirby into Hypernova Kirby!
  • Hypernova Kirby has incredibly increased inhaling abilities!
  • Hypernova Kirby can also spit out what he has inhaled to be even more deadly!

Final Weapons Edit

Star Rod Edit

  • Can shoot powerful star shots.
  • Can also attack whilst jumping.
  • Apparently given by inhaling and swallowing the warp star.
  • A very powerful weapon.
  • Cannot be dropped.
  • Used to defeat Nightmare!

Love-Love Stick Edit

  • Composed of all thirty Heart Stars.
  • Allows Kirby to shoot an infinite number of heart-like shots.
  • Cannot be dropped.
  • Used to defeat Dark Matter and 0.

Ribbon's Shard Gun Edit

  • Formed by 72 crystal shards.
  • Can fire shots, and Kirby is towed around by Ribbon whilst using it.
  • Used to defeat 02.

Triple Star Edit

  • A powerful staff also known as Daroach's Cane.
  • Has fire properties, and can be used like a sword.
  • It can remove clouds, break metal blocks and fire blocks, and cut ropes too!
  • Shoots out star-shaped shots.
  • Used to defeat Dark Nebula

Others Edit

  • Rainbow Sword (see Swords)
  • Ultra Sword Lv2 (see Swords)
  • Starship (see Warp Star)

Warp Star Edit

  • Kirby's primary means of transportations!
  • A rather fast vehicle which can take Kirby from level to level, or another area.
  • Doubles as a racing vehicle.

Cell Phone Edit

Kirby has a small phone which he can use to call his Warp Star to him. He can do this to get himself out of a sticky situation, or just if he needs it. Due to the phone, Kirby can practically have the Warp Star with him at all times!

Starship Edit

  • Also known as the Star Shooter.
  • Found when the Warp Star fuses with its counterparts from other planets, but can be summoned by other means.
  • Shoots a main star shot forwards, and two more at 45' and -45' to the main shot.
  • Allows Kirby tetra-directional travel at relatively fast speeds.
  • Brought down the Galactic NOVA!

3D Warp Star Edit

  • Similar to the Warp Star, but take Kirby into a different (dimensional) plane.

Whatever else... Edit