Kurimi is a vampire from the fourth Touhou game: Lotus Land Story, hence a PC-98 character. She hasn't been since in canon since: so, I made her a bit more major in my version...

Story Edit

Before and during the events of Lotus Land Story, Kurimi was the gatekeeper of the Lake of Blood in the centre of a mountain. Due to the fact this was so close to Yuuka's mansion, after the being defeated by either Reimu or Marisa, Yuuka decided to hire her as both a gatekeeper and maid, similar to Elly.

Currently, she and Elly serve at Yuuka's side, so she could be considered a villain. It is unknown if, as is the case with Elly, she is tortured by Yuuka, but it could be likely. Due to the fact she is a vampire, she is weak to running water and possibly sunlight. She gets on well with Elly and seems to not fear or dislike Yuuka, serving her faithfully. (Of course, she's probably getting paid...)