Poltergusts Edit

Poltergust 3000 Edit

  • Can suck up ghosts after they have been stunned with the flashlight.
  • Can hook up to the Ghost Portrificationiser.
  • Can apparently be rode upon...
  • Has three Elemental Medals: Fire, Ice and Water
  • Fire Element Medal (Allows the vacuum to blow fire: melts ice, burns trap door, etc. Effective on ice-types.)
  • Ice Element Medal (Allows the vacuum to expell steamy ice: freezes water and coold things. Effective on water-types.)
  • Water Element Medal (Allows the vacuum to shoot water: water plants, put out fire, etc. Effective on Fire-Types and Explosive-Types.)

Poltergust 5000 Edit

  • Fused with the flashlight.
  • Has a "Stobulb" to stun multiple ghosts.
  • Can suck in up to three ghosts at a time!
  • Fused with the Dark-Light.
  • Capable of "Power Surges", bursts of power with momentarily increase it's power, upgradable.
  • Blue Surge (removes 10HP)
  • Green Surge (removes 20HP)
  • Red Surge (removes 50HP)

Super PoltergustEdit

  • Fully upgraded Poltergust 5000!
  • Fills Power Bar faster (i.e. Power Surges can come quicker).
  • Sucks in ghosts faster!

Add-ons Edit

  • Flashlight (a basic torch, can stun some ghosts.)
  • Dark-Light Device (reveals hidden objects, can free things trapped in paintings, limited use)
  • Dark-Light Level 2 (an upgrade to the above to last longer.)
  • Dark-Light Level 3 (an upgrade to last even longer!)
  • Spiky Fruit (sucked into the nozzle to be shot at foes, takes down Flytraps.)
  • Bulb (attaches to the nozzle, blown up like a balloon to let Luigi float upwards.)
  • Golden Bulb (a golden variant of the above, makes coins appear in a set path.)

Gameboy Horror Edit

  • Created by Elvin Gadd to communicate with Luigi.
  • Has a camera feature which allows Luigi to analysis things, or point at a mirror to teleport.
  • Can show Luigi's stats, maps, and has a built in Boo Radar.

Dual Scream Edit

  • Somewhat of an upgrade...
  • Mainly used for comminication, but might have a map, stats and shows what items Luigi has.
  • Used in the "Dark Moon Incident" as a replacement for the Gameboy Horror more than anything.

Hammers Edit

  • Hammer (made of a strong Hoohoo Block, can smash rocks, used in battle too!)
  • Super Hammer (upgrade to above, can break tougher rocks)
  • Ultra Hammer (a golden upgrade to above, can break the toughest blocks there are!)
  • Iron-Ball Hammer (can occasionally drop a Spiked Iron Ball on foes, +18POW)
  • Iron-Ball Hamme DX (same as above, but +60POW)
  • Flame Hammer (can burn foes, +36POW)
  • Flame Hammer DX (same as above, but +72POW)
  • There are several other hammers, but those work off gameplay mechanics!

Ally-enhancing abilities Edit

  • Mini (can shrink allies to half their normal size when hit, allowing access to small areas.
  • Mole (pounds the ally into the ground, so they can dig around and go under fences.)

Power FlowerEdit

The Power Flower is a power-up which grants the user a unique form. When Luigi absorbs its power, he transforms into Vanish Luigi!

Vanish LuigiEdit

  • Invisible to enemies.
  • Intangible, allowing him to pass through walls and cages.
  • Only works for a limited time!
  • Can still drown, be crushed and take fall damage...

Boo Luigi Edit

  • Whilst not granted by the Power Flower, and not unique to him, this is a similar form.
  • Granted by the Boo Mushroom.
  • Allows Luigi to turn invisible and intangible.
  • Tricks Boos and Ghosts into thinking he is one of them, despite his hat and facial features.
  • Can hover above the ground and also has good airgain!
  • He can how speak Booish, a language most Ghosts speak.


Projectile Edit

  • Fire Flower (grants Luigi the ability to shoot fireballs.)
  • Ice Flower (grants Luigi the ability to shoot iceballs, to freeze foes.)
  • Penguin Suit (allows Luigi to use the abilities of the Ice and Frog forms, doesn't slip on ice.)
  • Silver Flower (gives Luigi the ability to shoot large, silver fireballs, can turn certain foes to coins!)
  • Hammer Bro. Suit (allows Luigi to throw powerful hammers.)
  • Boomerang Flower (allows Luigi to throw boomerangs which always return.)

Flight Edit

  • Fox Leaf (allows Luigi to fly for limited, or perhaps unlimited, time. Can attack with his tail.)
  • P-Wing (equipped onto Fox Leaf to allow longer flight time, to the point of being indefinate.)
  • Kitsune Suit (similar to the Fox Leaf, except can turn to stone for complete defence and has unlimited flight for certain.)
  • Cape Feather (gives Luigi a cape which allows him to fly indefinately, increasing his power with it! He can also use the cape to attack!)
  • Red Star (transforms him into Flying Luigi. Allows him to use the powers of lumas!)
  • Bee Mushroom (allows Luigi to fly for limited time, and cling onto honey walls.)
  • Propellor Mushroom (gives Luigi a special suit, complete with a propellor-equiped helmet, letting him zoom to the skies at an incredible speed, and return to the ground with a drill-like attack, or slowly if he prefers.)

Invincibility Edit

  • Starman (turns Luigi invincible for a limited amount of time and raises his power dramatically.)
  • Rainbow Star (similar to above, but is fast enough to grant an after image!)
  • Mega Mushroom (turns Luigi into a giant over 5 metres tall, mowing down everything in his way!)
  • White Kitsune Suit (an invincible, long-lasting version of the Kitsune Suit which raises power dramatically! Unknown if it can fly. Stays for as long as Luigi needs.)
  • White Fox Leaf (similar to above, expect flight is confirmed, although for a limited time. Lasts as long as is needed.)

Others Edit

  • Frog Suit (grants Luigi much better swimming abilities)
  • Blue Shell (equips Luigi with a nigh-unbreakable Koopa Shell, allows him to swim faster, can curl up in shell for defence, and can slips around inside for offence! Can still jump when inside shell.)

Yoshi Edit

  • Usually of yellow colour
  • Can eat certain foes.
  • Can store items in its mouth, mainly power-ups.
  • Can store fire, ice, hammer and bone attacks and shoot them back out as projectiles.
  • Has trouble swallowing shells, but this grants abilities:

Shell-Powers Edit

  • Green Shell (no powers, can spit shell back out)
  • Red Shell (allows the Yoshi to spit out three fireballs)
  • Blue Shell (allows the Yoshi to sprout wings can fly)
  • Yellow Shell (allows the Yoshi to create mini-earthquakes.)

Polterpup Edit

  • Can travel through walls.
  • Leaves invsible footprints which can be tracked with the Dark-Light Device.
  • Can revive Luigi if he faints, but this only happens if he has a Gold Dog Bone.
  • Now Luigi's pet.

Gold Dog Bone Edit

  • A hidden item found in some missions.
  • Luigi is able to keep it for the mission, until he faints or completes the mission.
  • if he faints, the Polterpup will come, take the bone and lick Luigi back to full health!