Marx Kitty

Marx Kitty is an old creation of LuckyEmile's. He was once the Scratch Cat, but was then possessed by Marx Soul as a desperate atempt to stay alive.

Backstory and informationEdit

After being defeated by Kirby, Marx Soul was in despiration for staying alive. He found Scratch Cat and possesed him, which fused them into a mutant creature. This became the being known as Marx Kitty. (he is NOT a kirby fan character).

Marx Kitty, like his posseser, is insane and power-hungry. He is demented and corrupted because of the fusion. However, Marx Soul is not completely fused and can exit the body without the fusion ending, making Marx Kitty somewhat a seperate being. He does, however, hold Marx's live force.


The most notible thing about Marx Kitty's appearance is he is quite similar to his original form, the Scratch Cat. However, his fur has turned a dark reddish-brown and he has sprouted wings. His tounge is cyan and like a serpents, being forked. He wears a worn out jester hat (Marx Soul's hat) where the felt has turn grey with age. His insides are grey (instead of pink or red like other beings) and he has two sharp fangs. His eyes are yellow with wall-eyed red pupils. His whiskers and white fur marks remain however.


Marx Kitty has a simple history. One day, LuckyEmile descided to make a reskin of the Scratch Cat as Marx Soul, due to being in the "Marx Era." (the time were Marx was at his highest in Emile's interests). He was gives a theme as well.