P-Switch Silver

P-Switch Odyssey

Powers and StatsEdit

Tier: 9-B | Unknown, likely 9-B

Name: P-Switch, Switch Block | Silver P-Switch

Origin: Super Mario Bros

Age: Unknown

Classification: button, switch

Wielders: Mario, Luigi, etc

Powers and Abilities: Transmutation, Creation, Duplication, Summoning, Plant Manipulation,Lightning Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Water Manipulation (can raise water level), can alter environments, can harm non-corporeal beings, can affect 2D beings.

Attack Potency: At least Wall Level (Could turn around a structure by 90 degrees , can defeat a swarm of Boos, which should be at least comparable to Koopa Troopas and created a tower-like structure . P-Switches can also move walls .) | Unknown, likely Wall Level (Whilst turning foes may be more of a hax ability, it shows that it is superior to the usual P-Switch. This may also imply it is superior to those foes.)

Speed: Immobile, Massive Hypersonic+ attack speed (can summon lightning)

Durability: Unknown (Whilst attacking it can trigger it and make it disappear, at other times triggering it doesn’t affect the switch. It’s generally unknown how durable it really is)

Range: Hundreds of metres (can affect the entire level sometimes)

Weaknesses: Usually only usable once, sometimes disappears after use. Effects are usually time limited


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Creation: Can create silver, gold and blue coins, as well as doors, paths made of flowers and vine, etc. Some of the coins it created are capable of duplication. It can occasionally create items capable of summoning.
  • Lightning: Can summon forked lightning from the sky, likely from a cloud, to attack foes, even being able to defeat incorporeal beings such as Boos. May light up the area as a side effect.
  • Silver Coins: The Silver P-Switch can turn enemies into silver coins, essentially defeating them via transmutation.

Key: P-Switch | Silver P-Switch