Aow crossover notes:

Reimu woke up suddenly. She had an expression of fear on her face. He had had a terrible nightmare, in which Gensokyo was in chaos. She couldn't find any familiar faces, only a greyish popopo, who seemed to be her ally, and a huge black eye thing. The sky was dark and cloudy. She was about to use her orbs to fight him, when she got caught in a spider's web. She was trapped. The black eye started to attack her. That is when she woke up. She was reassured to see she was safe and inside her bed in the Hakurei Shrine. She got up and tries to forget the dream. She decided to get some fresh air to try and forget it. She then finds this an opportunity to get some exercise, since all she does is wait at her shrine for something interesting. She takes of her pyjama shirt and trousers and puts an a red zipped hoody and jogging trousers. She goes into the main room too see Ruukoto.

Ruukoto: good morning, Reimu!

Reimu: good morning!

Ruukoto: what are you up to?

Reimu: just going to go out and get some fresh air... Maybe some exercise

Ruukoto: ok, then. Would you like breakfast when you get back?

Reimu: ok, i'll take some rice... Not too much, though.

Ruukoto: ok, have fun!

Reimu: thanks.

Reimu exits the shrine and walks down the shrine stairs. Down at the bottom she sees Alice and her dolls, Shanghai and Hourai

Reimu: oh hi Alice

Alice: hi Reimu!

Shanghai: Hi Reimu.

Reimu: what are you doing here?

Alice: just walking round the outskirts of your shrine. What about you?

Reimu: just getting some fresh air and some exercise.

Hourai: are you ok, Reimu?

Remiu: yeah, i'm ok...

As they were about to enter conversation, they spot four popopos: a red one, an orange one, a yellow one and a blue one. Alice and Remiu walk up to them.